Dorimanx LP Kernel SELinux Enable Script

This enables SELinux on Dorimanx kernel, which is disabled by default.

Supports all G2 models supported by Dorimanx.

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What This Is

As of Dorimanx Lollipop Kernel version 2.9, kernel defaults to completely disabled SELinux. This is done via the kernel command line. Dorimanx created a script to change the command line back and forth, thus turning SELinux on/off.

With this change, you can get some off loss of /data setting if you boot with SELinux off and then turn it ON and reboot. The way around this would be to enable SELinux before doing first boot.

By flashing this script after the kernel, you can avoid the data loss by avoiding the boot with SELinux off.


Current kernel versions (script version 1.2)

  1. Download the script you want. There is a separate script for Enforcing or Permissive.
  2. Flash Dorimanx LP Kernel (version >= 8.0)
  3. Flash the script
  4. Reboot

Old kernel versions (script version 1.1)

  1. Flash Dorimanx LP Kernel (version >= 2.9, and < 8.0)
  2. Flash this script
  3. Reboot
    Note: SELinux will default to permissive in version 1.1 of the script.


Please do not repost without permission. Thank you!