AROMA Binaries

Known working AROMA binaries.

These binaries work on G2 (and likely many other devices).

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What This Is

Sometimes the g2 has problems with AROMA and the graphics become distorted when AROMA launches. Swapping the binaries in your zip file to a newer version is often sufficient to fix the problem. Known working binaries are contained within this download.


If your chosen zip file ["your zip"] has AROMA and it does not work, you need to replace a couple of binary files in your zip.

  1. Download the AROMA Binary zip ["my zip"].
  2. Open ["your zip"] file.
  3. Navigate within ["your zip"] to the folder: /META-INF/com/google/android
  4. Delete the files in ["your zip"]: update-binary & update-binary-installer
  5. Copy the two files from ["my zip"] into ["your zip"].


Please do not repost without permission. Thank you!