This is my personal and professional project site.

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Who I Am

I am an IT Professional, lawyer, development enthusiast, Android tinkerer, and self-proclaimed nerd.

I grew up in Palm Bay, Florida. I obtained my Bachelor's in Accounting from the University of Florida before attending law school at Florida State University.

I practiced law for a little over three years before starting my career in IT.

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My skill set bridges the gap between IT, legal, finance, and healthcare.

I deal with numerous technology related issues (contracts, licensing, budgeting, etc.) primarily by interfacing between my company's IT department, legal team, and finance team. While I don't currently practice law, I am licensed to practice law in Florida. I also manage two teams within IT (a hardware team and a purchasing team).

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I enjoy visiting theme parks, trying new restaurants, watching football, and playing Xbox.

In my spare time I supplement my education with online webinars and courses to advance my interests in development and other technology topics.

I also compile TWRP and piece together other Android projects for LG and other Android mobile phones.