d800 & d801 Bootloaders

All of the bootloaders for d800 and a couple for d801, packaged as flashable zips.

Ensure you download the correct version for your phone! Improperly flashing your bootloader (or flashing the wrong one) will result in a bricked device.

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What this is:

These are flashable packages that install the bootloader partitions. There is a zip for each stock d800 ROM and a couple for d801.

Included partitions are aboot, dbi, laf, persist, rpm, sbl1, and tz.

These packages flash all of your bootloader partitions. Modem/Radio should be flashed as a separage package.

File sources:

10d & 20c were extracted directly from tot file.

20y & 30f required flashing my phone to 20c, then did FOTA to 20y and extracted the partitions. Then FOTA to 30f and again extracted the partitions.

  1. Boot into recovery, flash your desired bootloader package.
  2. Flash other needed zips for compatibility.
    Note: This is your responsibility. If you do not flash a correct combination, you will brick your phone.
  3. Reboot into ROM

You muse ensure your ROM, boot, recovery, and modem/radio partitions are all compatible with the bootloader you flash.

You can't just use the newest version to "fix" things.

What is your current bootloader?

There are really only two ways to know for sure. Either flash a bootloader package or manually extract your bootloader partitions and examine the files.


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Note 1: To use unofficial lollipop ROM, you need modified boot stack. Bump Lollipop bootloader has lollipop partitions with KK-20y aboot.

Note 2: Do not use Stock LP if you do not know what you're doing, you will most likely brick!