blastagator's TWRP Version 3.1.1-0
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Now CM-14.1 based!

Model Mirror MD5 Downloads
d800 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 2414bf58bacb312fddad789a79793270 3641
d801 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 12906667fa889b63b6ddbdd68c2f954a 1711
d802/5/6 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 7e9996bf3e142054dfadfcf4875a257f 27867
d803 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 8d11e87463b36f100b034b29cda831a6 899
f320* (BudgetVM) (pCloud) a87220a43d33913b2c9b54789c46aac4 4917
l01f (BudgetVM) (pCloud) b4d59e3c88278f120081f7d2b3220d98 1087
lgl22 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 3a2349ec0d970394df445a3e963a085a 860
ls980 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 50f17167ab77c3c0a79e2cae38a10b18 2923
vs980 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) bcb1166b8a4547af3283f349eac25c71 2407

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