blastagator's TWRP Version 3.0.2-1
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Now CM-13 based!

Model Mirror MD5 Downloads
d800 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 88164f9609861b7e79fd0f5236158350 13025
d801 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 3703e18e6c7e823efc97cbba035c2a05 6999
d802/5/6 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 927d47ea7959eb4e1a3a78cc1402bbea 94745
d803 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 14f22786cab6364a1027b38374aed261 2662
f320* (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 7429aabaa6d40afa5118c13972e94394 26545
l01f (BudgetVM) (pCloud) fa32dc9166cb389c0d6e9fa9a1374fff 5229
lgl22 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) ae4eeddcf594a0f4b4e55340105e932b 2766
ls980 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 2004ae0e441108853a64426173e11b65 10504
vs980 (BudgetVM) (pCloud) 4b67e2a418903ed798cb1c60239dff9c 7660

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